Business law – Brief Notes

Working with a lawyer may not be as expensive as you would think; and getting a lawyer involved at an early stage can save money in the long run. Business lawyers can help with lots of problems including IP infringements, business disputes and outstanding trading debt.

Finding a business lawyer at the best possible price is difficult. This guide talks you through the various types of companies. We examine crucial factors to be considered when hiring a lawyer, such as the level of service you might get in addition to how much different firms charge.

Huge International Law Firms

They work for huge corporate clients on worldwide deals. Their clients are often household names. They generally have a number of international offices based all over the world. Their office will be based in London, often in an impressive corporate office. As these law firms pay the best wages they demand the most talented lawyers lawyers. Lawyers at these firms work remarkably hard; often staying overnight at the office and always keeping their blackberrys on. These “global elite” law firms are named in legal market ratings guides as the “leading 50” or “leading 20” companies with regards to their annual turnover and the number of lawyers employed.

Unsurprisingly, these law firms normally charge the greatest fees, with a partner commonly charging in excess of 800 per hour. Huge international law firms are usually capable of providing all the business law services small businesses will need. However, their clients are primarily only FTSE 100 clients or very high net worth individuals who can afford to pay the highest fees.

You can find Global firms online using reliable lawyer ranking guides such as the Legal 500 or Chambers and Partners. These guides rank the very best law firms according to the type of law they specialize in and their geographical area. Out of more than 10,000 law firms, just a few end up in these guides; and this normally includes high profile international law firms. With huge quantities of money to use on marketing you will frequently find these firms at the top of a Google search.